Intelligent non-destructive testing
Intelligent non-destructive testing
Railway Switch Broken Track Monitoring System

Intelligent non-destructive testing

Railway Switch Broken Track Monitoring System
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Product Features

  • Actively excite and receive encoded ultrasonic guided waves of specific frequencies in the steel rail to avoid the influence of other interference signals
  • Actively suppress non target frequency signals such as vibration noise and electromagnetic noise of the contact network to ensure robustness
  • The excitation interval of the guided wave can be set at least 15 seconds, which can complete the structural safety state scanning of the rail in an extremely short time
  • The workflow and damage identification are automatically completed by server scheduling algorithms, enabling unmanned operation
  • While collecting guided wave monitoring signals, record multidimensional non damage parameter information such as switch status, train passing status, and environmental temperature and humidity data
  • The system automatically tracks suspected damage signals and records their growth process. When the crack damage cross-section extends to 5% of the switch rail cross-section, a stable alarm can be output
  • Adopting two modes, PE and PC, redundancy detection and increased sensitivity, reducing low false alarm rate while ensuring zero false alarm rate


The JYRM20 Railway Switch Structure Safety Intelligent Monitoring System is a set of intelligent systems and professional solutions used for real-time monitoring of the safety status of railway switch rail structures. The monitoring system consists of sensors, monitors, servers, and clients installed on the switch rails and core rails. The entire system operates unattended 24/7 and automatically obtains the structural safety status of the switch in real-time. If the switch rail components break or are damaged, the system automatically pushes the break alarm and damage warning information to the user.

This monitoring system is based on the principle of ultrasonic guided waves. The monitoring sensors (groups) installed on the turnout rail actively excite and receive ultrasonic guided waves, achieving real-time online monitoring of the turnout structure safety. Ultrasonic guided wave non-destructive monitoring technology is an advanced active monitoring technology. Through the reasonable design and layout of sensors, specific modes and frequencies of ultrasonic guided waves are excited in the pointed rail (center rail). During the propagation of guided waves in the steel rail, micro vibrations occur in the entire steel rail section. Through the mutual traction and driving of particles, the guided waves propagate forward (backward) along the steel rail, When guided waves encounter discontinuous interfaces with acoustic impedance (such as fractures, cracks, etc.), emission occurs at the interface, and the sensor can receive this reflected echo. By calculating the time difference between the excitation and reception of the guided wave, the propagation sound path of the guided wave in the steel rail can be obtained. This sound path is multiplied by the propagation speed of the guided wave to locate the location of the damage, achieving the detection and localization of the damage. The core of the damage identification algorithm in this monitoring system is machine learning and big data technology. By continuously collecting guided wave signals at high frequencies, massive multi-dimensional raw data is accumulated, ensuring the accuracy and reliability of damage identification, and greatly reducing the system's false alarm rate and false alarm rate.

Technical Parameter

way of working

  • The monitoring sensor is permanently installed on the switch rail and center rail of the turnout, without affecting train traffic
  • The monitoring terminal is installed in the trackside electrical cabinet and operates unattended
  • The system runs fully automatically, with intelligent algorithms analyzing monitoring data in real-time and pushing alarms

system composition

  • 11 structural safety monitoring sensors
  • 4 environmental sensors
  • 1 trackside monitoring terminal
  • 1 set of server system (including software)
  • Client (including software)

main features

  • Safety monitoring - real-time alarm for switch rail breakage
  • Damage monitoring - turnout rail damage warning
  • Active guided wave real-time monitoring technology, stable and reliable
  • Multi parameter and multi-dimensional redundancy analysis monitoring data

performance parameter

  • Network communication: 4G/5G
  • Monitoring cycle: 15s/channel
  • Sensitivity: 5% rail section loss
  • Real time alarm for rail breakage, with a false alarm rate of 0% and a false alarm rate of no more than 3%
  • Alarm response time less than 5 minutes

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