Intelligent non-destructive testing
Intelligent non-destructive testing
MSGW pipeline ultrasonic guided wave detector

Intelligent non-destructive testing

MSGW pipeline ultrasonic guided wave detector
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Product Features

  • The MSGW ultrasonic guided wave detection system is a long-distance and large-scale fast scanning technology suitable for detecting corrosion and crack defects on the inner and outer walls of in-service pipelines;
  • The MSGW ultrasonic guided wave detection system achieves full cross-section coverage testing on pipelines with single point layout, unidirectional tens of meters or even hundreds of meters. In conjunction with conventional non-destructive testing technology, it achieves efficient and high-precision defect detection of large-scale pipelines;
  • The MSGW ultrasonic guided wave detection system can not only realize rapid detection for conventional pipelines, but also perform efficient detection for pipelines in special occasions, such as crossing pipelines, high-temperature pipelines, overhead pipelines, oil platform riser networks, etc;
  • The MSGW ultrasonic guided wave detection system can detect metal pipelines, tank bottom plates, tank wall panels, power line towers, bridge cables, and other structures.


  • 100% cross-sectional area detection, without the need to remove all insulation layers, can detect underground pipelines without excavation, and there is no need to build scaffolding for the detection of high-altitude furnace pipes;
  • Single ended excitation and long-distance detection enable rapid scanning and positioning of defects in structural components such as pipes and plates;
  • Wideband scanning of 20-200KHz for large-scale structural components, with frequency scanning image display, A-scan signal display, and envelope display, capable of performing DAC analysis on A-scan signals;
  • Suitable for online detection of refining process pipeline networks, closely arranged heat dissipation pipes in power plants, and pipeline detection with small operating rooms.

Technical Parameter

Defect detection sensitivity

Reliable CSL3%, maximum CSL1%

detection distance

From tens of meters to 150 meters in one direction

Frequency range


Adaptable pipe diameter range


Signal to Noise Ratio


operation temperature

Below 200 ℃, special customization can reach up to 500 ℃

working hours

24-hour uninterrupted work

Power supply method

lithium battery

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